Manual Instruments and Measurements

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A measuring instrument is a device for measuring a physical quantity. In the physical sciences, quality assurance, and engineering, measurement is the activity.
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Electrical Measuring Instruments

Any line can be measured between Vsako linijo lahko merite med Meters show frequency value in 3 digits. Any line can be measured between 0… V Read more.

Measurement system, Static characteristics and Dynamic characteristics

Any line can be measured between 0… A. When the reading excesses A, it shows Err fault message.

Analytical & measuring instruments

Digital Multimeter DM DM is very advanced multimeter which gives user precise readings in 4 digits and seperate CT ratio adjustments for flexible systems. Pulse counters Pulse counters are used to keep record of repetitive operations. Typical applications are event counting, quantity counting, coin handling etc. Hour meters Hour meters show run time of machines, equipment and other devices.

Types of Basic Measuring Instruments

When you need accurate information for testing, maintenance or warranty purposes, choose from wide range of HK hour meters. With the switch selector you can choose all measuring ranges. DC Current Meter The instrument is quite suitable for experiments in which the zero method is used, for example at Wheatstone bridge. We suggest one instrument for work of two pupils. DC Voltage Meter Together with our With our ammeter It has its own battery power supply.

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The secondary current is 5A, rated frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz. The accuracy class is 1. Find out more I agree I don't agree.

Measuring instrument - Wikipedia

Cookies on our web page What is Cookie? We can classify the ammeters into the following two types based on the type of current that it can measure. As the name suggests, DC ammeter measures the DC current that flows through any two points of an electric circuit. A practical DC ammeter is shown in figure. Hence, it can be used to measure the DC currents from zero Amperes to 50 Amperes.

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  7. As the name suggests, AC ammeter measures the AC current that flows through any two points of an electric circuit. A practical AC ammeter is shown in below figure. Hence, it can be used to measure the AC currents from zero Amperes to Amperes.

    Electronic Measuring Instruments Advertisements. At our Munich headquarters and Berlin facility we develop and manufacture high-quality systems for the precise measurement of. We offer a broad product spectrum of high-quality spectrometers , imaging photometers and colorimeters , goniophotometers , integrating spheres , and system solutions for the equipment of test labs and production lines for LEDs, SSL and displays. Optronik product line With its Optronik Line of products - developed and manufactured in Berlin - Instrument Systems additionally specializes in the equipment of complete light channels with Type A goniometers and photometers for the measurement of automotive and traffic lighting.

    Induction 1-phase watthour meter

    We can be reached at any time, all over the world, through our specialized sales engineers and experienced representatives! As a world leader in LED measurement systems, we offer powerful solutions for determining luminous flux, luminous intensity, color parameters, spectrum, and spatial radiation patterns.

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    8. We supply an integrated range of measuring instruments for testing flat panel displays, mobile appliances, multifunction panels and graphics, as well as night vision NVIS compatible displays.